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29 Aug 2019 14:00 Thyagaraj Sports Complex, Delhi Pro Kabaddi 2019
35 Bengal Warriors FT 26 Tamil Thalaivas
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Tournament: Pro Kabaddi 2019
Time: Aug
Date: 29
Venue: Thyagaraj Sports Complex, Delhi
Home Team: Bengal Warriors
Away Team: Tamil Thalaivas


- 35-26
39' 35-26
EMPTY RAID Sukesh Hedge raids empty
39' 35-26
SUBSTITUTION Vineet Kumar substituted for Ajeet
39' 35-26
TIMEOUT Bengal Warriors calls timeout
39' 35-26
UNSUCCESSFUL RAID Anand raids unsuccessfully
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Bengal Warriors - Scorecard
Top Raider Prapanjan K
11 Raids Attempted
10 Raid Points
Top Defender Rinku Narwal
7 Tackles Attempted
5 Tackle Points
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Tamil Thalaivas - Scorecard
Top Raider Ajay Thakur
22 Raids Attempted
11 Raid Points
Top Defender Ajeet
7 Tackles Attempted
3 Tackle Points
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Match Analysis

Bengal Warriors

The Bengal Warriors were expected to be one of the stronger teams this season and they are proving it with their performances in PKL 2019. They have been extremely successful in the raiding department thanks to the presence of three strong raiders in the side.

Maninder Singh, K Prapanajan, and Mohammad Esmael Nabibakhsh are very potent on the mat in offense. These three collectively have been the most successful aiding trio on the entire tournament and the Bengal Warriors owe a large part of their success to them.

The defense has been another story. Poor man management, errors, and not being aware of the match situation has given away points to the Bengal Warriors opponents. Jeeva Kumar and Rinku Narwal are going to have to take the lead to try and ensure that does not happen in this match because the Tamil Thalaivas are not short of raiding firepower in their side either.

Tamil Thalaivas

Missing Manjeet Chillar on the mat has been a big problem for the Tamil Thalaivas. He was the leading tackle points scorer for the Talaiavas before being injured. He could be back for this match which will help provide the Tamil Thalaivas a boost.

This contest is going to be an intriguing one. On paper, the Tamil Thalaivas match the Bengal Warriors in most aspects of the game. Rahul Chaudhari and Ajay Thakur are superb raiders with help from Ajith Kumar to form a trio of their own.

The defense is also well-stocked with players like Ran Singh, Mohit Chillar, and possible Manjeet Chillar for this match.

The pieces are on the board for both teams but the real test could be in getting the strategy right. We think Rahul Chaudhari is due for a big game after having been quiet in his last few encounters and Ajay Thakur has also shown some signs of returning to form.

The Tamil Thalaivas are in a tough spot in the league table and cannot afford to slip further otherwise the way back into the playoff zone is going to be very tough.

Key stat

The Bengal Warriors have inflicted the most all-outs this season so far with 17 to their name already. They also score the most average raid points per game showcasing the strength of their offense.


We think that both the teams are quite closely matched and it will be the team that makes fewer errors that wins. On current form, the Bengal Warriors appear to be the team to back.

Bet on the Bengal Warriors to win.

Our prediciton

1.965 Bengal Warriors
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