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01 Nov 2018 14:30 Patliputra Sports Complex, Patna Pro Kabaddi 2018
29 Patna Pirates FT 27 Bengal Warriors
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Tournament: Pro Kabaddi 2018
Time: Nov
Date: 01
Venue: Patliputra Sports Complex, Patna
Home Team: Patna Pirates
Away Team: Bengal Warriors


- 29-27
39' 29-27
EMPTY RAID Deepak Narwal raids empty
39' 29-27
UNSUCCESSFUL RAID Mahesh Goud raids unsuccessfully
39' 28-27
SUCCESSFUL RAID Ran Singh raids successfully
38' 28-26
SUCCESSFUL RAID Mahesh Goud raids successfully
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Patna Pirates - Scorecard
Top Raider Deepak Narwal
16 Raids Attempted
7 Raid Points
Top Defender Jaideep
7 Tackles Attempted
5 Tackle Points
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Bengal Warriors - Scorecard
Top Raider Ran Singh
10 Raids Attempted
7 Raid Points
Top Defender Amit Kumar
6 Tackles Attempted
3 Tackle Points
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Match Analysis

The Patna Pirates, defending champions of Pro Kabaddi, are going through a terrible home season. This is not unique to them and is something the other teams suffered as well. The problem of playing a series of back to back matches starts to become more pronounced towards the end when the physical toll of these matches begins to add up.

They will have to call up everything in their reserve to be able to get past the Bengal Warriors in this last match.

Pardeep Narwal was kept quiet for the second game running and that is going to be a huge concern for the Patna Pirates. Manjeet managed to score 10 raid points in the last game to lead the Patna Pirates attack but players like Vikas Jaglan, Deepak Narwal, and Pardeep Narwal will have to step it up for their side in this encounter.

Kuldeep Singh led the defense with 4 tackle points to his name but the lack of a defensive enforcer once again stood out for the Patna Pirates.

The Bengal Warriors have been a formidable force this year. They have a strong defense which keeps them in the match no matter who the opposition is and an offense that is capable of scoring points at any stage of the game.

Their captain, PO Surjeet Singh, leads the defense from his position at right cover. With players like Manoj Dhull, Ran Singh, and Shrikanth Tewthia to support him, the Bengal Warriors offer up no easy points to the opposition.

Ran Singh and Twthia are very capable all-rounders and lend a lot of balance to the Bengal Warriors side as well.

On the offensive front, the Bengal Warriors will be led by Jang Kun Lee, Amit Kumar, and Mahesh Goud who have the capability of ripping apart the weak Patna Pirates defense. The decisive contest in this match is going to be between the Patna Pirates offense and the Bengal Warriors defense.

If the Warriors can find a way to neutralize the Pirates raiding unit then they should be able to win this match easily.

Key stat

The head to head between the two sides is dominated by the Patna Pirates. They have won 7 out the 12 matches played with three of the remaining matches being ties. This means that the Bengal Warriors have won just two matches in this rivalry till now.


This is a match-up between two sides with a different style of play. The Bengal Warriors are much stronger defensively than the Patna Pirates. The defending champions, though, have to believe they have more depth in the raiding department. Poor form and physical exhaustion are going to make it very difficult for the Patna Pirates to end their home leg on a winning not.

Back the Bengal Warriors to win.

Our prediciton

1.87 Bengal Warriors
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